Saturday, 14 December 2013

Has COD Ghosts 'weakened' the competitive scene since COD Black Ops 2?

What has happened to the Competitive Scene of COD?

COD Ghosts is a 1st person shooter which controversy has occurred. Before Ghosts, Black Ops 2 increased and popularised the competitive sport, in which has blown many games thoughts of COD ever getting this high up.
MLG (major league gaming) events were the mainstream thing and USA twitter trends were normally filled with #OpTicGrind or #OpTicGaming. OpTic are a competitive gaming team who won the million dollar tournament and came 2nd in the most recent tournament, MLG Fall Invitational. In Black Ops 2 the community increased massively as more and more people were introduced to the new system. One of the key factors that Treyarch introduced in BO2 was League Play (4V4 Mode which included Capture The Flag, Hardpoint and Search and Destroy), LAN (Local Area Network) and Cod-caster Mode (gives a player in the game the power to view all players from their first person perspective, and a overhead view of the map, showing all locations of players. 
When COD Ghosts was introduced, we were finalised by nothing linked with competitive, we were introduced with normal public game-modes and maybe some new game-types;cranked for example. Infinity Ward took out 2 competitive game-typescod-caster was scrapped, league play was demolished and the fun was gone. This is the 10th Call of Duty, and I've been a fan of every single game, it is no great surprise that Ghosts has fell way back in terms of the market. Call of Duty has already lost its title as the fastest selling game in history as Grand Theft Auto 5 has now taken the honour.
The statistics have also indicated of a franchise that is in trouble, the pre-order sales for Ghosts were tracking well below
 but as the next gen consoles have just been released, Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will give the better experience, improved graphics quality, 1080p and 60 frames per second, COD Ghosts will make some big money at least...
Although there are so major profits, the game itself cannot describe how annoyed everyone who payed around £40 ($64) is feeling. The servers are dedicated (decreased lag) but that is it. Clan Wars does not prove which clan is better because the Sat Com is enabled, and many other streaks which can be used for the game. This does not prove gun skill whatsoever.  Therefore I think that COD Ghosts has completely ruined the competitive scene, and it will not be as popular as black ops 2.

By Sachin Patel.

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