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COD Ghosts- Comparisons

                                                                                            Call Of Duty Ghosts

The first time the Call of Duty series made the leap to next-gen consoles (soon to be old-gen) it was a middling franchise known mostly for bombastic portrayals of WWII battles. Since then, a lot has changed.

This game is the 10th edition of call of duty so therefore it was supposed to make a big impact in terms of sales and futuristic surprises. Before COD Ghosts, Treyarch (who created Blacks Ops 2) had firmly set a high standard for Activision to pass so changes and creativity must be made. It is now Christmas, and Black Ops 2 still has more than 3000 people playing a 4V4 skill based gamemode, which has 3 gametypes, CTF (Capture the Flag) HP (hardpoint) and SnD (Search and Destroy), this already shows that Ghosts isnt as strong as BO2.
The most important thing to know about COD Ghosts is that this is the best the franchise ever looked. improved animations, detailed and Large Scale Environment, and impressive lighting effects all highlight an updated COD engine which blows the other games out of the water. In the early days of release, there was a lot of negative feedback and nobody wanted to play it, but now its slowly progressing and delivering some impressive visuals.
The multiplayer mode is okay in my opinion, I will weigh out the pros and cons
The Pros

  • Dynamic Map Elements - The dynamic map elements are only on a few maps, when they announced I was really excited. I thought this would change Call of Duty completely, and the maps would have dramatic differences from start to end. But none of this happened, some of the elements are hardly noticeable and its not a big feature at all. For example, Octane, the gas station keeps falling down the same exact way every-time
  • 7 new gamemodes - There are 7 new gamemodes, including one called Cranked, where you get faster with each kill, but you gain a 30 second countdown clock, you have to keep getting kills to keep the clock going, or you will explode if the timer goes down to 0.
The cons

  • Ranking up is too slow - The ranking in COD Ghosts is way too slow, no-one completed the 'fastest people to master prestige' because it was taking over 3 weeks of their life and therefore they postponed the race. You don't get much XP and therefore the prestige is much more slower than BO2.
  • Maps are too large - In this game, the only small map in my opinion is Warhawk, and its not even that small, in BO2, the map Nuketown or Raid were fairly small maps. They were also very simple, in Raid, there was a middle courtyard, a clear left side, and a clear spa side, In Ghosts, there is nothing like this, the maps are too complicated.

Even though I have so much negativity, the next gen version I have (XBOX 1) is much better, there will be a new blog about the comparisions of next gen consoles and the original consoles.

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